Basic guide to become a social master

Everyday we spend a lot of our time on social networks, our life is constantly influenced by what we see, read and learn online ( sometimes too much).

In particular during this COVID-19 pandemic Instagram has reached 1.16 billion users, a growth of 76 million people.

On these socials we can find the

so-called Influencers, people that for some reason have gained popularity, lots of followers and create content that easily becomes viral.

So the question is why are they profiled so visited and your is not?

Well, maybe they are famous people for example a singer, an actor, a football player … but sometimes they are just “normal” or think about the fitness/ food pages with hundreds of followers.

For example the most known Italian digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni, she started with her blog “The blond Salad” and now she controls the Chiara Ferragni Brand Company.

But Also there are people like Emanuele Ferrari that with his humor in imitating the celebrities outfits created a big group of followers and he has a personal and also a professional profile called“emilife". This division between profiles is also the case of other famous pages like Trashitaliano.

Now I will tell you a secret, also you can increase your popularity, anyone can.


First of all a good profile has to tell who you are, what your interests are and why people should follow you.

Think for a moment about how to describe yourself, it is a simple but not an obvious task. Then you should find your place so which of your characteristics you want to communicate and define the target people that probably will be willing to follow you.

This step defines your positioning and relevance on social media.

Then there is the most important piece, the communication and marketing side. These practices can be performed in a consciously or unconsciously way but only if you succeed in this practice you will be able to reach the desired results. A good example is @giuliacalcaterra profile! She is a travel and sports lover and she also has her own costume brand called selvatica-wear, you can learn all of this just from reading her bio.

It is easy to say but difficult to put into practice because you should create an addicted and interactive audience, do not worry, I will show you a good scheme to follow in order to define a good content strategy. It is called the 3 words model.

Those are:

  • information

  • entertainment

  • inspiration

Information is referred to the post that you create, your slideshow post, reels and stories should capture the attention of the reader.

They have to be personal, relevant and unique because if you just copy others no one would have particular interest in following you because you are not giving them any additional knowledge.

The structure, graphic ,hashtag and quotes also make the difference indeed the best post is the one that immediately succeeded in capturing your attention. In this sense it is very effective to use a call to action.

Now is the deal, how to entertain the public? Well, everyday we find new interests but also problems that straggle us so you can either choose to be the one that shares his passions and hobbies or either the one that can help to see beyond others limits.

These are the most attractive types of content because for sure you can reach a group of people that are similar to you. Indeed the third point to create good content is inspiration in the sense of finding a hot topic to talk about but also be the one who can be taken as reference.

The last step is to set an advertising policy, also in this case there are three steps to follow:

First understand the 20/80 of Instagram so acquire the 20% of competence that could get you to do the 80% of your work. Second, have a clear focus on what are the goals reachable. And Last but not the least the authenticity, only real people with real stories and real feelings would have a chance to gain true addicted followers.

The final lesson is for sure you can buy a booster of your post, ads or even followers to be more popular and gain the blue tag but if you are not interesting you will lose your audience in maybe one or two weeks.

The thing is, just try to be you, but then do not struggle if you lack the inventiveness to create a remarkable profile because the solution is us!

4youdigital will create a unique profile for you, using the most developed graphics tools and copywriting skills.

Our team will try to understand your interest and essence in order to address the right spot in the market suitable for you and be the guide to reach the desired results.

For more details follow us on our social media pages!

4YOUDIGITAL di Giulia Secomandi

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