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In our digital era, the world of online marketing is constantly changing and developing. Indeed, everyday a lot of people have new ideas, projects and dreams, but the question is:

How to create a winning reality or content?

There is not a big secret behind it, the key words are Passion and Copywriting.

For Passion I mean the love for what you do that is reflected in the offer of a product in which you believe; only in this way you can attract new or potential buyers and transmit them your values. if you are not completely convinced about your business, the others would not be for sure.

Then the second dilemma is how to reach clients and why should they choose you instead of your competitors?

Maybe you don't even have the best product, service or brand but what makes the difference is communication and the ability to create unique solutions.

For Dario Vignali, founder of Marketers ,the biggest italian community for young digital entrepreneurship, the most important skill to acquire is the ability of copywriting.

To give you an example, Dario launched his course Facebook Advanced to create a good AD and earned €140.000 in only 24h. How?

One month before the launch he created a FB group to explain his professional background and the aim of his course, then he used the techniques of advertising and email marketing to create the biggest online community that were exchanging ideas about advertising.

Every day in the group he posted free tips and pills and received feedback from people about their expectations on the course and their requests so in this way he could easily find his target clients and create a tailor-made product for them.

Dario did such a good copywriting job in creating engaging content that people were looking forward to having access to the complete course . There is a proof

So what does it mean to do copywriting in 2021? Here is the marketers definition: Copywriting is a mental process that involves the sum of your experiences and knowledge, places them in relation to a specific concept and catalyzes them in writing and editing visual content. To do so you need great stories to tell, good knowledge of the market and the product and the ability to create true human relationships.

With this path your content or brand will become viral on the web, your posts will be saved and shared and you will gain loyalty from your clients.

All of this to say,here we are 4you!

If you feel that you potentially have a winning product or brand but you do not have the competencies or capabilities to edit your contents and analyze your market, do not worry ,it is your lucky day because this is the right website to visit.

4youdigital offers you the most important thing to be successful, COMMUNICATION AND COPYWRITING SKILLS applied to web content creation and social media management.We are a small reality at the moment but with big hopes and ready to get involved in new challenges.

This is what we love to do, we are young but prepared on the new marketing tools to make your ideas unique and viral.

We incentivize the exchange of opinions with a completely transparent, friendly and fresh approach to every project.

Our essence is to create something emotional, offering an experience that goes beyond the simple purchase, in accordance with the view that selling the potential reachable result is always better than just selling a product.

So now check also our 4you social profiles on Instagram and Facebook , we will be glad to welcome you in our community!

Your ideas powered by us will become viral, it is a promise, only Good Games 4you.

4YOUDIGITAL di Giulia Secomandi

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